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  • Jonathan Ssebambulide

Miracles in the Form of Maize

The most encouraging update is that all our staff members together with their families are all in good health and doing great. In addition to this, the food distribution exercise is progressing on well and some of our beneficiaries are regarding the support as a miracle from heaven.

The family of Charles, one of our beneficiaries at Makerere Secondary School, had spent a couple of days without having a single meal in the home. By the time, we reached out to this family with 15 kilograms of maize flour, 6 kilograms of beans, 5 kilograms of rice, 2 bars of soap and 2 packets of salt, sadness and hopelessness could be easily read from everyone's face.

When we asked them if there was anyone sick or if something very bad had happened in the home, the answer was, "Uncle, none of us is suffering from any serious disease, but we are simply dying of hunger. During the previous weeks, we were surviving on a single cup of porridge each, but even the maize flour got exhausted sometime back and we are now totally left with nothing -- and we feel we can't go any further with this situation."

What a relief and what a joy that we saw in the family when food was provided. As we were leaving the home, the family started shouting how God had answered their prayers with a miracle. One could easily observe that Fields of Dreams Uganda had already lit a fire of life again in this family, Hope was already restored, everyone sounded and looked back to life.

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