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The Fields of Dreams Uganda staff is committed to serving the children of Uganda on the field and in the classroom.
In addition to the professional staff below, our team also consists of our Youth Council, secondary school and college-age young adults who have graduated from our programs and serve as role models for the younger generation.
U.S. Headquarters
P.O. Box 553

Cabool, MO  65689

Uganda Headquarters

P.O. Box 14609

Kampala, Uganda

Michael Warneke

Founder and Executive Director

​Working in Uganda has taught me to slow down and listen to the true needs of the population that you are trying to serve. The intended change that we hope to see will only come to fruition if we are serving in the right way, at the right time, with the right group of children. Lastly, I have also learned that sometimes immense change simply occurs with a child, a soccer ball, and someone willing to believe that their life matters.

Jonathan Ssebambulide

Uganda National Director

Children can be powerful changing agents in any society once well empowered, supported, and guided. Someone’s past doesn’t really count much once he or she is in position to focus on the future. With the right amount of patience and focus, anything is possible. Teamwork promotes unity, love, care and confidence which is what FoDU’s work centers on.

Mercy Ajok

Head Girls Coach, Northern Region

I really want to see our children being sponsored through sports at good secondary schools. I also want to see the children reach their dreams to become professional footballers, doctors, pastors, journalists, or whatever they hope to become.

Sharon Alupo

Social Worker, Northern Region

Fields of Dreams Uganda gives an opportunity to the vulnerable and orphaned children to dream. And the pillars of soccer and education excite me so much, because it helps children explore their abilities and realize that they are not limited. I have such a passion to serve and enable these children to cherish who they were made to become.

Jane Atugonza

Social Worker, Central Region

In working with Fields of Dreams Uganda, I have seen a newly found love of education for many of the children and a reduced dropout rate at our partner schools. I also enjoy how the children are able to interact with each other, their teachers and our FoDU staff without fear and isolation.

Herbert Bwanika

Driver (and Director of Smiles)

Herbert has been driving our volunteer teams in Kampala for many years and became an official FoDU staff member when we purchased our own coaster bus in May of 2018. He drives our coaster bus and looks for outside hires as a source of sustainable income for our organization.

Fazil Ibrahim

Head Girls Coach, Central Region

Fazil (Coach Cox) joined our staff in March 2020 as the Girls Football Coach in the Central Region. He brings with him an extensive background in coaching with 7 years of experience and a CAF C license. He is passionate about developing players for the future and has already helped place two FoDU beneficiaries on the U-17 Women’s National Team.

Frank Kavuma

Driver, Central Region

One of the most exciting changes in the children we serve is their improved football skills. They've come a long way, especially over a short amount of time.

Hannington Kitaka

Education Advocate, Central Region

Our soccer programming, including outings, training during holidays and trips have built self-confidence in the children and has allowed them to gain awareness of the outside world and other communities. I’ve also noticed that friendships among the children have developed between different partner schools.

Joseph Lukyamuzi

Information Technology Director, Central Region

At Fields of Dreams Uganda, I’ve learned about passion, patience and adaptability. We all serve multiple roles – I’m not just an IT coordinator, sometimes I’m an uncle, a teacher, a parent or a coach, too. And it takes motivation and a passion to serve the children of Uganda.

Vincent Moro

Information Technology Director, Northern Region

The addition of FoDU-provided laptops into the schools in Gulu has been transformative. The technology has motivated both teachers and students, and we're seeing a real impact in the academics at our partner schools.

William Musinguzi

Head Boys Coach, Central Region

I have several goals for the future of FoDU. First, I'd like to see most of our students continue on to secondary school. Second, I hope to increase opportunities for our players -- possibly giving them a chance to play for the Uganda national development team. Lastly, I want to see our players use thier talent as a way to change thier lives.

Oscar Mutebi

Health Coordinator

As Health Coordinator for Fields of Dreams Uganda, my role is to act as a liaison to our partner schools to help improve the sanitation and overall health of the children we serve. I am developing partnerships with other NGOs to provide health screenings and clinics at all our partner schools, and I also serve as the team doctor for our club team, Fields of Dreams Uganda FC, where I manage player injuries and guide them through the rehabilitation process.

Anitah Nalwoga

Sustainability Coordinator

​Anitah joined the FoDU staff in February 2020 as our Sustainability Coordinator. Anitah is a graduate of Makerere University with a degree in Journalism and Communication. Her passion and heart for our students will lead to great strides in our sustainable opportunities for generations to come.

Florence Ngamita

Education Advocate, Northern Region

FoDU has encouraged vulnerable and orphaned students to stay in school which has helped reduce the rate of school dropouts. This has motivated the community to send their children to school. FoDU has also helped students recognize their goals and dreams.

Walter Ocaya

Head Boys Coach, Northern Region

FoDU exam prep tutoring have improved the performance of schools. The youths’ talents are being tapped and noticed by other schools. FoDU activities (hygiene kits, medals, soccer uniforms, etc.) have motivated children to stay in school.

Joel Rachkara

Player/Coach, Northern Region

Fields of Dreams brought me back to school, and I hope that through my efforts others will return to schools as well, knowing that they have a positive future ahead of them.

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