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Our Core Values
  • Compassion

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Humble servanthood

  • Integrity

  • Sustainability

  • Transparency

The mission of Fields of Dreams Uganda is to provide hope for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education.
Our ultimate objective is to help increase the opportunities for the children we serve  and we think the best way to do that is through education.

All of our programming, therefore, is aimed with this objective in mind. Our soccer and girl empowerment initiatives directly contribute to an increase in enrollment and a decrease in dropout rates at each of our partners schools.
We envision communities in Uganda where orphaned and vulnerable children can reach their full potential as compassionate human beings.
  • July 2009 - Thoughts of Fields of Dreams Uganda were first born

  • October 2011 - First leadership summit in United States to form founding Board of Directors

  • January 2012 - Granted official Non-Profit status from United States Government

  • May 2012 - Hired Ugandan National Director to begin work on the ground in Uganda with initial 4 partner schools in Kampala region

  • June 16, 2012 - Day of the African Child, and the first Fields of Dreams Uganda Championship Tournament hosted at Vision for Africa

  • September 2012 - Hired Executive Director to begin working fulltime in United States on advocacy for our Ugandan programs

  • February 2013 - First volunteer team in Uganda from the United States

  • June 2013 - Staff in Central region grows to four fulltime Ugandan staff and first DREAMS plans are administered at partner schools

  • November 2013 - Feasibility study in Northern Uganda to add additional staff and partner schools in Gulu Region

  • December 2013 - Ugandan staff travel to Arusha, Tanzania with 40 players and win Chipkizi Cup in U-14 Division

  • February 2014 - First hygiene kits distributed to girls at Central Region campuses, dramatic decrease in absenteeism for mature female students

  • March 2014 - Four additional staff hired in Gulu, and the first Fields of Dreams Uganda Northern Championship Tournament takes place

  • June 2014 - Education grants are distributed to partner schools in the Central Region to make campus improvements

  • June 2014 - A Music, Dance and Drama competition is added to our summer tournaments giving additional children the opportunity to participate

  • July 2014 - A new soccer field, The John G. Stevenson Memorial Field, is officially opened at Wakiso Children's School of Hope

  • October 2014 - Fields of Dreams Uganda wins the Sport for Health Award in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Beyond Sport Awards

  • December 2014 - Fields of Dreams Uganda hosts the first annual Hope Cup opened to all soccer teams in Uganda with 24 teams participating

  • February 2015 - Second distribution of hygiene kits takes place with 1,500 kits being distributed at both Northern and Central partner schools

  • March 2015 - A driver is hired, and a van is purchased to assist with operations and the Ugandan staff now stand at 9 members

  • April 2015 - Electricity is brought to Laroo Primary School, greatly increasing the safety for the hearing impaired children on campus

  • June 2015 - Annual education grants are distributed to all partner schools to make further improvements to all partner campuses

  • June 2015 - INTEGRITY training is provided in Gulu challenging the young men to be of great character and to bring an end to sexual violence

  • July 2015 - Technology in the form of 30 laptop computers are brought to our Central Region schools

  • September 2015 - A social worker is added to our staff to help identify and counsel students struggling with difficult issues and help empower the special needs students across our partner campuses

  • December 2015 - Second Annual Hope Cup is held in Wakiso with over 28 teams participating from across Uganda

  • February 2016 - Third distribution of hygiene kits takes place with 1,500 kits being distributed at both Northern and Central partner schools

  • March 2016 - University of Evansville Women's Soccer Team visits FoDU programs on their Spring Break

  • June & July 2016 - Technology training continues across all partner schools, as an additional 34 laptops and projectors are distributed with the help of our good partner MindShare, Inc.

  • June & July 2016 - Music, Dance and Drama competitions take center stage at our tournaments in the Northern and Central Regions

  • November 2016 - Board and Staff Summit in Kampala Uganda. The first of many vision and planning meetings between our US based Board of Directors and our Ugandan Staff members

  • December 2016 - Third Annual Hope Cup with 28 teams competing from across Uganda

  • February & March 2017 - Fourth distribution of hygiene kits in Central and Northern regions.

  • June 2017 - First changing room is delivered to Bungatira Primary School; Rachel Plus devices are brought to our partner schools to advance our technology programs as IT staff are added in both regions.

  • July 2017 - Land is purchased in Wakiso District to develop a headquarters and a home field for our FoDU club team. The second changing room is delivered to Pageya Primary School. 

  • September 2017 - Our third changing room is delivered to St. Kizito Primary School. 

  • November 4, 2017 - Our fourth annual Dresses for Dreams Global 5K was held in five cities across the US, in Wakiso, Uganda and with participation in 26 US states, and 4 countries via satellite runners. 

  • December 2017 - Fourth Annual Hope Cup takes place with 32 teams competing from across Uganda. FoDU Club team is formed, and we celebrate our first university graduate, Buye Manisul with a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Procurement from Kyambogo University.

  • January 2018 – First Hope Clinic is conducted at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Central Uganda by staff members bring hope to South Sudanese refugees through FoDU programming.  

  • February & March 2018 – Fifth round of hygiene kits are distributed in Kampala and fourth round in Gulu region with reinforced Women of SUBSTANCE training, and delivery of three changing rooms.