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> Hope Empowerment Center at Bbanda

Phase 1: Exterior Wall & Gym Block

In 2018, Fields of Dreams Uganda completed the purchase of a four-acre parcel of land to be our permanent home in Uganda.
In 2019, we started to build. 
When completed, the Hope Empowerment Center at Bbanda will be a sustainable, multi-use complex that will enable us to serve the vulnerable children in the region for generations to come.
Located in the Wakiso District just outside the capital city of Kampala, the center will house our Ugandan offices and a new, professional-grade soccer pitch. The center will also include an advanced technology center to help support vocational pathways, a workout facility, meeting halls, a dormitory, arts studios, a health clinic, classrooms and a nursery school.
Work began on the exterior wall and phase one in early 2020 and will continue until completion. There are 5 phases to reach the completion of this compound and when finished, the Hope Empowerment Center will provide over 40 new new jobs in this community. 
Our long-term goal is to develop a sustainable, community-based complex that becomes a source of pride for the children we serve and the neighboring village of Bbanda. To help us achieve that goal, please consider donating though the form below.


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Thank you for your investment in hope, empowerment and a future. This compound will allow so many children to reach their fullest potential and dream for a brighter tomorrow. The community of Bbanda and the children of Fields of Dreams Uganda will be forever changed for generations to come. 
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Our first structure was completed in July of 2021 and will house 3 staff apartments and a workout facility for our players and the community. This structure cost $80,000 to complete. 

Phase 2: Health Clinic Block

Bbanda Updates.png

Our second structure will be finished by the end of 2021 and will house a health clinic, barbershop, sports shop, restaurant, conference rooms and two small apartments. This phase is partially funded and will cost around $100,000 to complete. 

Phase 3: Soccer Field & Bleachers

Bbanda Updates (4).png

Phase three will consist of the construction of the soccer pitch for our club and youth teams along with the bleacher block that will house locker rooms, a training room, and space for our youth council to meet and invest in their entrepreneurial pursuits. We hope to begin phase three in early 2022 and it will cost an estimate $120,000 to bring this to completion.

Phase 4: Administrative Block

Bbanda Updates (3).png

The Administrative Block will be are largest structure and serve multiple purposes. This building will house our staffing area, three computer rooms, a large hall, four staff apartments and dormitories that will sleep fifty boys and girls in separate areas.  We hope to begin phase four in late 2022 and we estimate the total cost to be $340,000. 

Phase 5: Nursery School Block

Bbanda Updates (2).png

The Nursery School Block will serve the surrounding community with quality nursery school education. We will have classroom space for 40 students in each level of nursery school, baby class, middle class and top class along with teacher apartments and offices on the second floor. It will cost approximately $120,000 for this phase and we hope to begin this final structure in mid-2023.

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