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> FoDU 5K for Hope Sponsors

Fields of Dreams Uganda (FoDU) exists to provide hope, empowerment, and a future to more than 6,500 vulnerable children in Uganda. For more than a decade, FoDU has been committed to seeing these children reach their full potential through educational, vocational, girl empowerment, technology, and soccer programming.
You have helped us make an incredible impact over these past few years, and we are just getting started!

Over the past two years your sponsorship has helped us complete the construction of two major buildings at our Hope Empowerment Center in Bbanda. Just this past year we have been able to open three sustainable businesses that have created jobs and provided services to the surrounding community. Thank you for your support and for helping us turn dreams into reality across Uganda. At this very moment our Integrity Barbershop, Dreamers Sports Shop and Compassion Café and Conference Center are fully operational while they provide jobs, services, and sustainable income for generations to come. We are excited to continue to grow this impact through this years event.

Your sponsorship creates an inspiring event

We can’t take everyone to Uganda, so our events are designed to bring a little bit of Uganda here. From the authentic Ugandan marketplaces at our race sites, to the care we put into our swag bags, every participant gets a taste of Uganda. Add to that the creative ways we weave our mission into every piece of our event, and you’ve helped us create a one-of-a-kind experience participants are proud to be a part of and won’t soon forget. And when our participants remember our event, our sponsors are winners, too.

The 2023 FoDU 5K for Hope will be held on Saturday, October 7th in several different cities across the United States, and will allow for participants to join as “virtual” runners from wherever they are all over the country and the world. In addition, we will have hundreds of runners across Uganda and some great opportunities for you to show your impact with race signage placed in Uganda on the day of the race. 

This is a powerful way to get your business in front of thousands of participants, both in your community and around the country. Your name will be on display at the biggest fundraising event of the year for Fields of Dreams Uganda.

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2022 Race Shirt - Back.png

“I love EVERYTHING about this race. The friends, the family, the togetherness. And the gifts from Uganda are the BEST!”
- past participant

“The swag bags were AWESOME! I love how well they explained the purpose of the race and who benefits from our participation!”
- past participant

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