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At Fields of Dreams Uganda, it is our mission to provide hope, empowerment, and a future to the vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education.


The key to carrying out this mission is to keep the children of Uganda in school.


The simple fact is school is not free in Uganda, and in the communities where we operate, paying school fees is simply an insurmountable task for the families we walk alongside.

While we have a variety of amazing programs that encourage school attendance, without the funds for school fees, many kids would be left behind. It is our goal to keep that from happening by providing scholarships to those in need. This year it will take close to $100,000 to keep these 379 talented and determined children and young adults that we serve the opportunity to reach their educational dreams. We know this is too much to ask of our network, so we are setting our fundraising goal at $60,000, in hopes that we can meet at least 60% of our annual scholarship needs through this weeklong campaign.

It is important that you know that the families we serve are highly involved in this process, and families are asked to assist with all scholastic materials at the primary and secondary levels, while covering a significant portion of the tuition fees at the vocational and university levels.

​By making sure the vulnerable kids in our program have the funds to attend primary school, secondary school, vocational school, and university, our mission of providing hope, empowerment, and a future is being carried out every day.

​A term of primary school costs around $35 per term and $ 105 annually.

A term of secondary school costs around $200 per term and $600 annually.

A semester of vocational school costs around $400 per semester and $800 annually.

A year of university costs around $700 per semester and $1,400 annually.


Support our work today and help us


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