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  • Michael Warneke

A Season of Firsts

In two weeks time I will have the joy and privilege of beginning yet another trip to Uganda. All of these trips are unique, as each team of volunteers is new, and the tasks before us are often changing. It brings me great hope reconnecting with our courageous staff that are on the ground serving day in and day out, and to hear updates on the small and large victories and challenges we are both facing and overcoming.

In the middle of June a lot of firsts will be happening when our team is in country, so keep an eye on our social media accounts to watch the joy unfold. One of these firsts will be distributing boys hygiene kits in the Central region (with distribution in Gulu happening in July). These kits will contain 2 pair of underwear, a bar of soap, a bag, a washing bucket, toothbrush and paste, a comb and nail clippers. These kits will be accompanied by our Men of INTEGRITY training and will give a great deal of purpose and validation to the young men we are serving.

We will also have the joy of delivering our first changing room to Bungatira Primary School. Due to your generosity this past year we have a surplus of funds in our Girl Empowerment Project and we are using those funds to build and place changing rooms on our campuses. The first one will be finished in June, and our girls will now have a safe, sanitary, and affirming place to manage their menstruation.

The last of the firsts will involve our technology programs. We are honored to be working with MindShare, Inc. to help deliver 30 more laptops and some new offline resources that we believe will have a deep impact across all of our campuses.

It is not too late for you to join in on this trip of firsts. Your donation of only $6 can deliver a hygiene kit to a boy this summer, helping to teach him that his life matters, and that he is called to be a man of rich character. Our RACHEL offline machines were purchased at a cost of $400 each and will allow our schools and staff the opportunity to access information without the difficulty of being online. Every donation helps, and every child counts!

Thank you for your partnership in HOPE.

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