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In 2022, Madison Kim, an intern for Fields of Dreams Uganda conducted over 4,300 interview style assessments with the children at our new and existing partner schools. The goal of these assessments was to better achieve its mission of providing hope, empowerment and a future to the vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education. 


FoDU has 10 partner schools. Five are located in Wakiso District: Bbanda Church of Uganda Primary School (Bbanda CU), Kaababbi Bulondo Primary School (Kaababbi), Nabukalu Primary School, New Kabaale Busega Primary School and St. Kizito Primary School. The other half are located in Gulu District: Coopil Primary School, Koro Primary Schoo, Laroo Primary School, Pageya Primary School and St. Martin's Primary School. Four of these institutions were added as partner schools in 2022.


Before signing a memorandum of understanding or beginning programming on these campuses, FoDU sought to better evaluate these schools. June of 2022 also marked the 10 year anniversary of FoDU's establishment. With this notable milestone and a growing student population, FoDU leadership deemed it an opportune time to quantify their work.


The assessment had two main goals: to gather baseline data at new schools and objectively measure programmatic impact at existing schools. The overall objective of FoDU's programming is to increase opportunities for the children they serve. FoDU believes educational advancement is the best tool to achieve this. Thus, all initiatives seek to further education and help students achieve their fullest potential.


Surveys conducted at existing partner schools sought to capture and analyze the overall implementation and effectiveness of such initiatives. The programs examined were: information and communications technology (ICT), football (soccer) and girl empowerment.


Baseline data at new schools came in the forms of demographic information, ICT exposure, football involvement and access to menstrual resources.

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