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  • Todd Ferguson


Most of us begin playing sports as young children because our parents guided us that way. As we grow older, the "love of the game" is often what pushes us to play harder or to purse those sports in a more serious way. And then as adults, we often play, to feed our need for competition or our desire to feel achieved.

The soccer pitch, as it is called here in Uganda, was the place of our focus today. Our team watched, as boys and girls from the five schools we visited competed in football. Yes, they play this sport for fun and as a way to fill a void in time, but today we saw many of these kids completely transform. They exuded so much skill and determination. They were no longer shy or reserved. This moment in time is what they find hope in, what motivates them, and what will help transform them into the future leaders of their country.

Confidence is not something we have witnessed this week with the kids we have had the honor to see. Confidence after years of war or losing your parents is not something that comes naturally here in Uganda, but today it was an amazing experience to witness that. Confidence is what will help these young men become Men of Integrity and the young women become Women of Substance, especially when they are faced with tough decisions as they mature.

So I encourage your to instill confidence in your children and family through words of encouragement and affirmation, but also remind them where true confidence is found!

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