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We believe that hope is round and sometimes takes the form of a soccer ball... or an auction.
The Hope is Round auction is an annual event that will help shine a light on the power of sport for youth development and the communities they call home during the week of September 21-25, 2020.
Why get involved?
Soccer is more than recreation in Uganda and we believe that it can be a uniting force. Its simple beauty transcends cultures, and provides the perfect conduit to instill values such as global citizenship and high character into youth players. Your involvement in this event will help us use the power of sports to raise awareness of our work and bring much-needed funding toward our efforts.
How do I help?
By following the three simple steps below, you can help bring a focus on those less fortunate:
  1. Get in touch so we can send your Hope is Round kit.
  2. When you receive the kit, take a photo with the banana-leaf ball and the FoDU scarf and share it on your social media platforms (use #HopeIsRound and #FoDUganda hashtags and tag Fields of Dreams Uganda).
  3. Send us a signed piece of sports equipment for us to auction off on our website.
Hope is Round - Logo (Final).jpg
What is a banana-leaf ball?

A banana ball is a ball made from recycled plastic bags at its core and wrapped tightly with banana fibers. With rampant poverty in Uganda, access to store bought sports equipment is not a possibility, so children and young adults will make their own balls from these easily accessible materials. The banana ball represents the innovation and creativity of children living in poverty and challenges those living in the developed world to have a change in perspective as to where joy can be found.

For more information,
please contact:


Mike Warneke
FoDU Executive Director

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