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> Strength Through Sports
      a campaign to highlight FoDU's soccer programming

During the week of February 21-27 we will be highlighting our sport for development programs during our STRENGTH THROUGH SPORTS CAMPAIGN on our social media channels. The goals of this campaign are two-fold: to inform our supporters about the power and impact of our soccer programming, and to financially support the construction of a new futsal pitch at our Hope Empowerment Center in Bbanda.

For some of us confidence comes naturally, whether that stems from our gifts and abilities, or our upbringing. In a developing country like Uganda, confidence and character development go hand in hand. Our sports programs aim at building up the person inside the player. It is the goal of our programs to help our players see their value and worth and to utilize the gifts they have been given.

As we move through the STRENGTH THROUGH SPORTS campaign, it is important that our supporters understand the significance of soccer in the lives of our kids. For many it is the first space where they have felt valued and encouraged. For many it is the only space where they can forget about their problems and struggles and simply play. For many it is the very training ground where they are slowly becoming men of integrity and women of substance.


And the harsh truth is this: when a child knows they have self-worth they are less likely to act in desperate ways. They will no longer be easy targets for traffickers or early marriage. They are less likely to chase after money through crime or get involved with alcohol. They are more likely to take their education seriously and no longer miss classes. Sports build character and confidence, and in many ways shield these young players from other peer pressures. Desperate people do desperate things, and it is our aim every step of the way to remind these young dreamers that they are no longer desperate. Each training session, match or tournament is a reminder that they have a family in FoDU that will continue to walk alongside them no matter what may come.


One of the core values of FoDU is sustainability. We are always trying to find new ways to create lasting revenue streams in Uganda, and a new futsal pitch at our Hope Empowerment Center in Uganda will do just that. This new pitch will take about $25,000 to construct. It will act as a training ground for our own players, and when not in use by FoDU, it will be rented out to the public and funds reinvested in our soccer programming. Thank you for believing in our mission and allowing our staff to grow and build a better tomorrow for our players.  

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