December 8, 2017

When a friend shared an NPR article titled, “The Problem with Free Menstrual Pads” and stating “free menstrual pads may not be enough to help girls with their period,” it worried me just a little bit. After all, I spend a good deal of my time begging people for money for no other reason than to provide free menstrual pads to girls in Uganda. But then I read the article.

July 25, 2017

This trip marks my return to Uganda with Fields of Dreams Uganda. Yesterday we made the journey from Kampala to Gulu. Two years ago it was a long bumpy drive that lasted about eight hours. This year newly paved roads all the way to Gulu, instead of just part way, made the countryside even more beautiful on the only six hour journey.

March 4, 2017

Most of us begin playing sports as young children because our parents guided us that way. As we grow older, the "love of the game" is often what pushes us to play harder or to purse those sports in a more serious way. And then as adults, we often play, to feed our need for competition or our desire to feel achieved.

The soccer pitch, as it is called here in Uganda, was the place of our focus today. Our team watched, as boys and girls from the five schools we visited competed in football. Yes, they play this sport for fun and as a way to fill a void i...

July 29, 2016

There’s nothing quite like being dropped into direct interaction with thousands of welcoming children and motivated teachers. We stepped off the bus on Day 1 of our visit and immediately found ourselves amidst a hundred students eager to show us a game or to demonstrate their knowledge. Days into a trip or an impactful experience like this, I often want to teleport others who can’t be here so they can experience it directly. I’d trade a few of my days so that others could experience it first-hand. It’s so difficult to adequately translate the experi...

July 29, 2016

Like many others in the U.S., I’ve become a bit obsessed with the musical, "Hamilton," specifically its soundtrack. The songs have been a consistent companion on my travels throughout the summer, and I find I constantly have Hamilton lyrics running through my head. I have a Hamilton earworm! 

The closing number of the show is, “Who Lives, Who Dies. Who Tells Your Story”.  This refrain, more than any other, echoes in my mind as I walk the red dirt paths of Uganda. Here in Uganda there are so many stories. Stories of loss. Stories of tragedy. Stories o...

July 29, 2016

What is Uganda?

I could describe the buildings without electricity or the latrines without running water, but that is not all that Uganda is.

I could tell you of the schools with no books or a classroom filled with one hundred children, but that is not what Uganda is either.

Uganda is Sandy, who wanted to teach me Luo, and laughed with me as I struggled to understand her language.

Uganda is Gift who wanted to know how my camera worked, and then made the other children laugh when she took their picture.

Uganda is Gloria and Mercy and so many other girls w...

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