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HOPE is a basic need


July 28, 2017

Words and pictures will not be sufficient to capture what I have experienced today.  I will, however, record this account to help me remember as much as I can.

July 25, 2017

This trip marks my return to Uganda with Fields of Dreams Uganda. Yesterday we made the journey from Kampala to Gulu. Two years ago it was a long bumpy drive that lasted about eight hours. This year newly paved roads all the way to Gulu, instead of just part way, made the countryside even more beautiful on the only six hour journey.

June 23, 2017

What a humbling and incredible day of empowerment, hope, and promise. When I first joined the board of Fields of Dreams Uganda, it was the Girl Empowerment Project that appealed to me most. It was the chance to make a profound impact in a simple, practical way. It was $17 and a hygiene kit that could change a girl’s life. It was keeping a girl in school by giving her access to hygiene supplies she wouldn’t otherwise have. It was telling a girl that the changes her body was experiencing were something not to be afraid of, but to embrace as a rite of...

June 22, 2017

Knowledge is power. And the internet is a huge repository of knowledge. In Western society, we often take our unencumbered access to the internet for granted. Teachers at schools in the US, and most other developed countries, have access to this giant knowledge-base at their literal fingertips. However, this is not the case for teachers in severely budget-restricted schools in Uganda, and lots of other under-developed countries of the world. If a student asks the teacher a question that the teacher doesn’t know the answer to and isn’t in the very li...

March 6, 2017

Time is not on our side!” That is a common phrase here in Uganda. Everything runs a little slow, and rarely, if ever, starts at the proper time, and so it seems we are always finding each and every day that time is not on our side. And as I write this blog at 1:15 am it appears as if this phrase is ringing true once again. The days spent here in Uganda tend to hold an abundance of time in some ways, and yet there never seems to be quite enough.

I just dropped off our Northern Uganda Girl Empowerment Team that I have served beside for the past n...

February 28, 2017

The power of one.  One smile, one hug, one song, one rain shower, one light, one meal, one dance, one teacher, one hygiene kit…

Today our team visited Pageya Primary School where we were greeted with songs and smiles.  Pageya is the largest partner school in the Northern region hosting around 1000 children.  As we shared the day with this partner school, I was reminded of how frequently in the U.S. we learn phases like, “Go big or go home,” “There is power in numbers,” and “Two are better than one.”  Although these sayings may hold some truth at time...

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