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HOPE is a basic need


April 26, 2018

My name is Yiga Joshua Mulungi a proud Ugandan; from a humbled family of four children in the Wakiso district of Kampala. I was born with three siblings, but my younger brother and my youngest sister both died to untold illness before reaching the age of two. The following year, when I was only 7, my mother also died suddenly after experience headache-like symptoms for only a week’s time. I can’t remember how they looked or how their voices were, but I know they were wonderful. It was especially difficult for my surviving sister and I the following...

July 25, 2017

This trip marks my return to Uganda with Fields of Dreams Uganda. Yesterday we made the journey from Kampala to Gulu. Two years ago it was a long bumpy drive that lasted about eight hours. This year newly paved roads all the way to Gulu, instead of just part way, made the countryside even more beautiful on the only six hour journey.

June 18, 2017

It was a humble honor to be present in Uganda today. As I celebrate my 5th Father’s Day in a row away from my three sons whom I adore, I am reminded of the many sons and daughters of Uganda that have come to need means much as I need them. I was reminded once again, in the midst of our Youth Council, that my heroes and my role models are the very young people that FoDU is empowering, uplifting, and bringing dignity to their lives. Life takes many twists and turns, it never seems to be laid out in a straight line, and as I type this small note tonigh...

June 1, 2017

In two weeks time I will have the joy and privilege of beginning yet another trip to Uganda. All of these trips are unique, as each team of volunteers is new, and the tasks before us are often changing. It brings me great hope reconnecting with our courageous staff that are on the ground serving day in and day out, and to hear updates on the small and large victories and challenges we are both facing and overcoming. 

In the middle of June a lot of firsts will be happening when our team is in country, so keep an eye on our social media accounts t...

March 10, 2017

Today was our final day of distributing hygiene kits to the beautiful young women of New Kabale Busega. The response we received from the girls during our presentation and discussion time was amazing. I loved hearing them say, loud and proud, what they love about themselves, what they dream of doing in the future, what they are proud of, and that they are women of substance. Hearing the girls say that their lives have a purpose, their stories are important, and their voices matter is so empowering to them, their peers, and even to me.

I am so proud t...

December 9, 2016

The majestic crested crane is the national bird of Uganda (as well as the colloquial name of the country’s national soccer team). It is an amazingly beautiful and graceful creature with penetrating blue eyes, a regal gold crown and a palpable air of confidence. Simply seeing one -- even from a distance -- makes my heart skip a beat and fills me with inspiration and hope.

While picking up some national park permits in Kampala last week, I was fortunate enough to study one of these cranes up close. The poor thing had been injured and was being treated...

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