July 28, 2017

Words and pictures will not be sufficient to capture what I have experienced today.  I will, however, record this account to help me remember as much as I can.

July 27, 2017

Today we celebrated the opening of the Girls' Changing Room at Pageya Primary School. The Changing Room will be a place for the girls to care for themselves during their periods, rest when they feel unwell, and speak with teachers in private when they need counsel. Everyone was excited for this day, and the girls were eager to see their building.

July 26, 2017

What a day! Over a thousand students attend Bungatira Primary School in Gulu, Uganda, a school with 1098 students and 19 teachers. Nineteen teachers for 1098 students! Math is not my strong suit but it's obvious that student: teacher ratio is CRAZY high. Fields of Dreams Uganda has provided the school with a social worker one day per week. FoDU’s social workers move between schools each day (5 schools each week) and service over 1000 students per school. I'm a school counselor and all of these numbers blow me away. My case load per week is l...

March 6, 2017

Time is not on our side!” That is a common phrase here in Uganda. Everything runs a little slow, and rarely, if ever, starts at the proper time, and so it seems we are always finding each and every day that time is not on our side. And as I write this blog at 1:15 am it appears as if this phrase is ringing true once again. The days spent here in Uganda tend to hold an abundance of time in some ways, and yet there never seems to be quite enough.

I just dropped off our Northern Uganda Girl Empowerment Team that I have served beside for the past n...

March 4, 2017

Most of us begin playing sports as young children because our parents guided us that way. As we grow older, the "love of the game" is often what pushes us to play harder or to purse those sports in a more serious way. And then as adults, we often play, to feed our need for competition or our desire to feel achieved.

The soccer pitch, as it is called here in Uganda, was the place of our focus today. Our team watched, as boys and girls from the five schools we visited competed in football. Yes, they play this sport for fun and as a way to fill a void i...

February 28, 2017

Today was an amazing day. The school we visited greeted us with dancing and singing. We feel like royalty when we arrive at these schools. They are so honored to have Fields of Dreams Uganda partner with them. We hear over and over that Fields of Dreams is trustworthy and that they keep their promises. It is so comforting seeing that what we hear in the USA about Fields of Dreams is so true and more. We will never comprehend the magnitude of "HOPE is a basic need" while living in the beautiful USA; but after being in Uganda for a few days, you start...

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